Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Goes Around, Comes Around

What Goes Around, Comes Around in Green BusinessYou know that old adage “what goes around comes around?” I think it is absolutely the best strategy to grow your organization sustainably. I have found, not only in my practice as a lawyer, but in all aspects of my life, that if I take the time to help someone else with what they need, I will inevitably find that I, and my own business grow stronger as a result. The key to making this strategy work for you and your organization is tap into what you do best and give it away to those that could actually use what you have to give. What happens next is: that person remembers you, knows what you do, and will not only tell others about what you did for them, but they will become an advocate for you. Before you know it, you have more business!

Case in point. While still working at my old law firm, I made friends with supervisor of the mail room. She was such an inspiration. While holding down a full time job at the law firm she also found time to organize gang prevention programs and a charter school in South Central Los Angeles. She would tell me stories about the kids affected by gangs in those neighborhoods and how their simplest needs were not met. I wanted to help her, and my particular skill was organizing fundraisers for social missions. So, I set out to organize an office Thanksgiving basket program for families in need with her. It was so successful that the firm continued the program even after I had left. Shortly after starting my practice, one of my first clients was my friend and since then she has referred me other clients. And so it goes, what comes around, goes around. I have countless stories just like this one, and I’m sure you do too if you think about it.

So, how can you harness the power of “what comes around goes around” for your business or organization? Here are some ideas:

· Find a local charity and invite your employees to participate in it during their work week. (You will find that their enthusiasm and inspiration from this project will translate to the work that they do for your organization). If you are in Los Angeles you can go to to find an organization that fits your organizational values.
· Plant a tree for every new project you have (You’ll develop a loyal client base of likeminded companies. For example check out Chromatic Lithographers, their project is called the Green Print Alliance.
· Help your friend or colleague that needs a new job by forwarding them job openings that they might be interested in. (If that company actually hires your friend, your will have a great connection at that company – and who knows - get some new business from your new alliance).
· Give a little to that person that you drive past every day. (You will realize how much you have, and be thankful for it).

We’d love to hear your ideas too. Please share them with us!

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